If you are interested in working with us or for all other inquires or just to say hello, send us an email at hello@midnightclub.fr and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you.



We believe in great design and in a holistic approach of projects, and that is reflected in our pricing. Because we’ve been working for a long time, we’re able to have a good idea of what our work costs. We charge enough to allow us to work in good conditions and provide the best services for all of our customers.


Branding & identity


Includes a carefully designed logo, business card and stationnery, social media avatar & cover images, and a company style guide. Turnaround is around 5 weeks.


Consulting & Art direction

150€ per hour

We are here to help you set up great digital strategies to create engaging experience for your customers.
We are always happy to talk to potential clients, so we offer a 2 hours free consultation to look in depth how to turn your ideas and needs in something concrete. If you need more time, we provide an extended consultation at an hourly rate.



3500€ and up

Includes a carefully designed website with up to 7 pages. A full featured online shop with up to 10 products can be added for an extra 1000 €. Additional pages and products can be added for 150 € per hour. Our pricing does not include the cost of hosting or any related service. We are hot for squarespace and use it as our main platform to develop beautiful websites. Turnaround is usually 3 to 4 weeks.


Website upkeep

100€ per month

Includes up to 1 hour of technical support and design work for websites we designed each month, usable for phone or mail support, new pages or updates, css styling, mailchimp email campaigns, blog post formatting, eshop products change or creation, monthly site checkup and help with any technical issue.


Content creation & production

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We’re all about creating content for your brand. We believe that we can help you reach out to your customers on your website and social platforms with beautifully and to the point visual content. We work with great photographers, videographers, motion designers, copywriters and can put together awesome productions.


Additional info

If the service you’re looking for is not listed in the information above, we either charge by the hour for it, or need to put together a specific quote, or we simply might not do it. Our hourly rate is 150 € per hour, though we prefer to define fair prices for every projects and use an hourly rate for consulting, support and extra work.  All prices are in Euro. We charge 50% upfront for any new project, and 50% at completion, except for specific production works that often demands different payement schedule.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to send us an email at hello@midnightclub.fr