Reza, a strong commitment to perfection

Exceptional gemstones, spectacular designs, tradition, and expert craftsmanship are the foundations of luxury jewelry house Reza. A strong commitment to perfection is the guiding principle of their ateliers, where unique, harmonious pieces are realized with emotion, an eye for beauty and imagination for the impossible.


Olivier, the son of Alexandre Reza took over the family house and decided to modernize the brand, all the while keeping it connected to a hundred years of legacy. 

At the time their website was getting old, the pictures of the work too and it didn’t reflect the direction and energy fueled by the new pieces designed by Olivier.




Reza doesn’t have a shop, all the pieces they sell are unique. The objective for the website was to convey their brand DNA and inform their clientele about their unique gems collection. The main call to action would be to call to make an appointment at their headquarter in world famous Place Vendôme in Paris.




We decided to create a very immersive website, an experience based on beautiful and full-screen images.

As Reza wanted to create a portfolio to show their latest designs, we started right away working on mood boards for a new set of brand-defining images. During this process we exchanged a lot to study various options and validate the tone we wanted to give to this set of images. 

Craftsmanship is also a very important key component of the story, all of their pieces being unique. We wanted to put the emphasis on how these pieces are all made by hand, through thousand hours of meticulous virtuosity. 




Although one of the main objectives was to showcase the new pieces, there was history to tell and with such an important and exclusive gems collections, there is a story behind each stone. We started early on to talk about new ways to tell these past stories, so that it would support what the brand is about today.  




Working on new visual material and copy was the mandatory first step for us in order to come up with the website design. This process helps figuring out what the brand is about and where it wants to go. We strongly feel that storytelling is key, and that design is here to support the message.


A century old legacy means tons of vintage images and content. We spent close to a week digging in the archives and reading books about the brand in order to come up with comprehensive history section on the website.



Then we re-worked the existing logo in order to better reflect the new direction that the brand was taking. From the brand identity to its positioning we looked at every aspect and helped re-orient all content, copywriting and images towards what we think is the future of Reza. Having the opportunity to help a brand with such a legacy re-invent itself is a rare and precious thing.


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