Inside/Out, female empowerment through community, creativity & movement

© Kelly Marshall

© Kelly Marshall


Earlier this summer we helped our friends at Inside/Out Paris with their website overhaul. Founded in Paris in November 2016, Inside/Out is an online platform of multi-generational creatives, leading experts from a wide variety of fields, innovators and influencers, showcased through a gallery of interviews, news, emerging trends and insights.


It’s a community of inspiring women who put creativity, movement and wellness at the core of their lifestyle.

Their aim is to share untold stories, encouraging open conversations with women: how they fail, the road to success, their everyday challenges and their biggest dreams.

The philosophy embodies and examines women living empowered lives, their communities, challenges, and conscious contributions locally and globally, online and in real life.


© Kelly Marshall

© Kelly Marshall


We worked with them to rebuild it from the ground up, including a brand new and colorful visual identity.

The website was already developed via Squarespace so for the redesign we used a three steps process: 

  1. Template research and wireframing
  2. UI design and template customization
  3. Implementation of new template along with customization and CSS styling on existing website

Because we could work on the wireframing directly within Squarespace, using the template that was best suited for the job, we saved a lot of time by building the website right from the start. 

We’re all very happy with the result, the website creates an authentic and relevant conversation between women and sports, celebrating both physical strength and emotional intelligence.

Check it out for yourself, you might want to start moving.

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